RMI-MD is a leading provider of distribution services to device manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare organizations.


At RMI-MD we focus on:

  • Reducing telehealth device deployment costs
  • Advancing ease-of-use for RPM (remote patient monitoring)
  • Accelerating RPM deployment and proliferation
  • Eliminating the burden of handling returned products for hospitals, clinics, and home health agencies
  • Simplifying RPM to improve healthcare and reduce hospital readmissions
  • Maintaining regulatory compliance while providing cost effective services


Services include:

  • Cloud-Based reporting of inventory and order status
  • Order Fulfillment from secure warehousing facilities
  • Kit Assembly customized to your requirements
  • Supplier of the NEW RPM Patient Ready Kit
  • Returns Processing for redeployment
  • Engineered Solutions to improve product performance

The patent pending RPM Patient Ready Kit supplied by RMI-MD, is a telehealth monitoring system that significantly simplifies RPM set up. Each kit is customized for specific patient monitoring needs.  Any vital signs recording device can be incorporated. Key benefits include lower deployment costs and faster deployment. To learn about other benefits, click here...

Cloud-Based Reporting

Inventory levels, order status and shipping details are maintained in the cloud. The data can be viewed and reports generated anytime, from anywhere.

  • Real time updates
  • Device traceability
  • Secure client portal



                                                               Order Fulfillment

RMI-MD provides a complete complement of services to fulfill orders accurately and efficiently. Documentation is maintained in compliance with FDA regulations

  • Receiving
  • Warehousing
  • Order Processing



Kit Assembly

RMI-MD provides full service kitting and assembly of telehealth medical devices and kit accessories, customized to your specific needs:

  • Device Configuring
  • Pairing
  • Assembly
  • Packing



                                                RPM Patient Ready Kit ™

The patient or care giver can set up the monitoring system without assistance of an in-home technician

  • Easily set up by 1st time patients or caregivers
  • Reduces deployment costs
  • Exclusively by RMI-MD



Returns Processing

An effective return - refurbish - reship process reduces device investment and deployment costs

  • We provide full management of the process
  • Easy patient return procedure
  • Devices disinfected and refurbished for reuse



                                                       Engineered Solutions

Our technical staff provides device performance feedback to improve functionality. Testing services ensure devices meet requirements. Innovative solutions are developed to resolve urgent issues.

  • Engineering analysis
  • Incoming Inspection
  • Patient use testing
  • Problem Resolution



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