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Incorporated in 2009, RMI-MD (RMI-Medical Devices) was founded to focus on medical devices for telehealth and other non-invasive medical devices requiring Quality Management System adherence. RMI-MD works with clients to provide full cycle product distribution from initial launch to end of life recycling. Primary services include warehousing, kitting, order fulfillment, distribution, returns management, refurbishing, repackaging, and redistribution. The engineering backgrounds of key officers provides a fresh perspective to our clients on product performance.


An example of how we work . . .

As a solutions provider, the RMI-MD team sought to ensure patient engagement and eliminate confusion with peripheral telehealth devices delivered to patients’ homes. The Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Patient Ready Kit ™ was developed.  The kit can take many different configurations, involve different devices and be customized for patient needs.  The end objective is always to assemble and deliver an RPM kit that is intuitive and easy to set up for patients experiencing the use of telemedicine devices for the first time.  The kit saves time, money, and ensures patients become easily engaged and assures improved adherence.


In addition

Specialty services such as engineering analysis of product failures, packaging analysis and incoming testing are typical.  We also customize procedures to meet our client’s specific needs. Our services positively impact our clients’ bottom lines.


The management team consists of

Kirk Kimbel, Partner

Avis Lloyd-Kimbel, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing,

George Young, Director of Engineering and Quality Assurance.

Brochure and White Papers

For more insights into our business, please review the RMI-MD brochure and the white papers we have produced.

RMI-MD Brochure
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Outsourcing Refurbishment
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Executive Decisions for Returns
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