Cloud-Based Systems

RMI-MD employs a validated, cloud-based inventory database system.  The user-friendly system provides real time inventory data and order status 24/7. As inventory levels are adjusted in the system, the new numbers are immediately available to clients.  The system is used to receive new products, enter ship orders, record transactions, maintain product traceability information and receive product returns.  


As each ship order is entered, the system transfers the item quantity from available stock to assigned stock instantly.  This automatic inventory adjustment prevents subsequent orders from being placed for items that have been assigned to prior orders.  If inventory of any item is insufficient to fulfill an order, the operator is immediately notified by the system.


Ease of use, custom reporting, real time data availability 24/7 and accuracy of data are some of the strengths of the system.  Most of our clients use the system in conjunction with their internal ERP systems. 

Brochure and White Papers

For more insights into our business, please review the RMI-MD brochure and the white papers we have produced.

RMI-MD Brochure
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Outsourcing Refurbishment
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Executive Decisions for Returns
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