Kit Assembly

RMI-MD prepares devices and assembles kits to satisfy the requirements of our clients and needs of the patients. The aim is a patient-ready kit that simplifies deployment for caregivers and patients.  


Kits are given unique part numbers for control purposes. Kitting can be accomplished at any of a number of configuration levels.  A kit can simply be an overpack of selected components into a master box.  Or kitting can involve preparation of the devices for use, such as loading firmware or software.


Another level could include preparing the devices for patient use.  Individual devices and accessory components can be unpacked from original manufacturer’s packaging and organized to produce a patient-friendly monitoring system. Devices can be pre-paired or pre-connected.  Easy-to-follow instructions help patients accomplish initial set up.  The ease of use extents to caregivers or home health professionals.


The objective is a kit that is easy enough for an elderly patient to set up in their home without assistance.  RMI-MD has developed the RPM Patient Ready Kit to accomplish that objective.  We continue to improve upon the system to address additional circumstances encountered with elderly and chronically ill patients Give us the challenges your deployment personnel or patients face, and we will provide the expertise to develop a patient ready kit with your devices. 


Kit packages are custom designed. We will partner with you to develop an economical patient-ready kit. Kits can be direct shipped to patients’ homes, and return labels can be enclosed to make it convenient and easy for patients to return the kits.


We can develop a custom kit that will be at the leading edge of patient ease-of-use. For further information, please refer to the Patient Ready Kits page.

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For more insights into our business, please review the RMI-MD brochure and the white papers we have produced.

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