RPM Patient Ready Kit ™

Making patient adoption easy & successful.

The RPM Patient Ready Kit ™ is an organized assembly of remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices for in-home use.    The devices are secured on a tray to make it easy to unpack and set up the system.  RMI-MD assembles kits using devices supplied by our clients. We provide the kit trays and assembly expertise. 


The aim is an RPM kit that can be easily set up by patients without in-home technical assistance.  That is not always achievable for the very ill, but it drives the kit assembly toward that end.  If a caregiver assists the patient, that person will be able to easily set up the system without technical assistance.


The importance of designing telehealth devices for ease of patient use is highlighted in this excerpt from MobiHealthNews.


MobiHealthNews | 07.25.16 | VA more focused on home telehealth

“Those working in digital health should be careful not to mix up technology and innovation, speakers at the mHealth and Telehealth World Congress advised attendees in Boston this week. Technology by itself won’t affect culture change, and technology won’t achieve positive outcomes unless it’s deployed in a smart way that re-imagines care, with an emphasis on ease of use for the patient.” 

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For more insights into our business, please review the RMI-MD brochure and the white papers we have produced.

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