Returns Processing

RMI-MD accepts returns of new devices and used non-invasive medical devices.  The returned products are typically defective units or devices of RPM kits planned for reuse.



Managing and processing of returned medical devices is a core service offering of RMI-MD. The above diagram reflects many of our internal process steps.  An effective product returns process produces significant cost and revenue benefits.


The flow diagram below is a higher-level perspective for RPM devices.

The primary benefit of reusing RPM devices is lower cost per deployment.  There also exists the opportunity for lease programs, which can lower up front investment costs for healthcare organizations. Other benefits of a returns program include:


  • Readily available kits for new patients
  • 100% testing and functional verification of each device
  • Data collection on equipment failures to improve product quality
  • Software or firmware updates or other upgrades
  • 3rd party reporting of device defects back o the manufacturer


All returns processes are controlled in compliance with federal regulations.  Records are maintained to ensure ownership traceability of each serialized device.  Returned products are inspected upon receipt and any missing items are immediately reported to the client.  Accounting for products that were actually returned versus those expected, is an important cost control measure.


Products are received and inspected.  Devices that pass visual inspection are cleaned, disinfected and refurbished. Testing is conducted to verify functional performance. Products that pass functional testing are placed back into approved parts inventory.  The cloud-based inventory levels are updated and are immediately available for on-line viewing or reports. 


When cost effective, repairs can be made to failed products.  Functional testing is repeated after the repairs are made. 


Defective products can be discarded or disassembled and the materials recycled.  Certificates of destruction are provided when requested.  Recycling can include nothing-to-landfill certification.



Having RMI-MD handle your returns allows your team to concentrate on top line growth, more rapid deployment of RPM kits and improving patient wellness, all cost effectively.


Brochure and White Papers

For more insights into our business, please review the RMI-MD brochure and the white papers we have produced.

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